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Transfer Scholarships

Current scholarship information pertains to incoming transfer students for fall 2018.  It may not be applicable to prior or future incoming students.


Transfer scholarships range in value from $1,500 to $2,500 per year for West Virginia resident students or $4,000 to $7,000 per year for non-residents of West Virginia.   

Non-Resident Transfer Scholars who become part of the Academic Common Market or Ohio Reciprocity programs (or change to paying in-state tuition rates through any other program) will have their original scholarship canceled.  Transfer Level 1 students receiving the $7,000 award will have their scholarship adjusted to $3,000, and Level 2 Scholars receiving the $4,000 award will not be awarded a replacement scholarship.

Students entering WVU as transfer students prior to fall 2018 may have received different award amounts.  These new amounts are not retroactive to previous classes.

Criteria for Consideration
Must be an incoming transfer student for fall 2018 with at least a 3.0 transfer GPA and from 12 to 115 transferable credit hours to WVU.

Students entering WVU as transfer students prior to fall 2018 had different criteria for consideration. The new criteria is not retroactive to previous cohorts.
How to Apply & Deadlines

Must complete the admissions process and be admitted to WVU by July 1.  This includes submitting official transcripts to the Office of Admissions at WVU.  For students transferring to WVU starting with a spring semester, the deadline to be admitted is December 1.

Renewal Information

Transfer scholarships are awarded for up to eight undergraduate semesters or completion of a bachelor's degree (whichever comes first).  To maintain eligibility, you must have an overall GPA of at least 3.00 at the end of the first academic year.  Scholars must also earn at least 30 credit hours during their first academic year to renew for the second year.   Students are notified in writing at the end of the spring semester if these requirements have not been met, and summer school may be used to attempt to make up deficiencies.  

Students whose first enrollment is the spring semester - or who have deferred their scholarship for one semester - may be reviewed against a 15 earned credit hour requirement for that academic year.  Starting with the next academic year, they will return to the normal requirement of 30 credit hours listed above.

Students must also continue to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid eligibility.

Please note that students entering WVU prior to the fall 2018 semester may have different renewal requirements.  For renewal requirements, visit our Renewal Requirements page to download a full spreadsheet.