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Unsatisfied Requirements

Unsatisfied requirements on your STAR account for financial aid can cause financial aid delays.  They can prevent students from receiving financial aid offers or prevent aid from disbursing.  Students are notified they have unsatisfied requirements via their student MIX email.

Where Can You Find Unsatisfied Requirements?

Unsatisfied requirements can be found online.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "STAR Information System Login"
  3. Enter your login credentials (WVU master ID and password)
  4. Click on "Financial Aid"
  5. Click on "Eligibility"
  6. Select the appropriate aid year
  7. Review unsatisfied requirements under the "Student Requirements" tab

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Are There Additional Requirements if You Have Accepted a Federal Loan?

After accepting a federal loan, first-time borrowers must complete additional requirements before the loan will disburse:

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What Prevents Financial Aid from Disbursing to a Student's Account?

Here are the top questions to ask to determine why aid did not release to a student's account:

  1. Did you complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for this academic year?
    1. The FAFSA needs completed at every academic year the student is interested in financial aid.
    2. Make sure the FAFSA was for the correct academic year.  For example, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, and Summer 2018 are under the 2017-2018 FAFSA.
    3. See Applying for Aid for more information.
  2. Did you accept your financial aid award on STAR?
  3. Are you a first-time federal loan borrower?
    1. There are additional requirements that must be completed depending on the type of loan.  See "Are There Additional Requirements if You Have Accepted a Loan?" for more information.
  4. Are you interesting in a PLUS Loan or a private loan?
    1. PLUS and private loans are credit-based loans which require an application.  See our Loans page for more information on application or additional requirements for disbursement based on loan type.
  5. Do you have any unsatisfied requirements on STAR?
  6. Are you maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress standards to receive financial aid?
  7. Are you meeting enrollment requirements?
    1. Different types of aid can have different enrollment requirements.  Most loans require at least half-time enrollment for disbursement.  Most grants and scholarships require full-time enrollment to disburse.  See Enrollment Standards for Financial Aid for more information.
  8. Are you repeating any courses this term?
    1. Previously passed courses can only be repeated one time and still be eligible for aid and count toward your enrollment requirements for aid.  Students repeating previously passed courses more than once may experience reduced eligibility for aid.  See Enrollment Standards for Financial Aid for more information.

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