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Student Aid Index (SAI)

What Is an SAI?

Your Student Aid Index (SAI) is a number that is created by the Department of Education after you submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Their formula uses information from your FAFSA — including various factors like income assets, family size, and where you live — to establish your SAI. Because your SAI can change each year, it is important to submit a FAFSA every aid year.

Your SAI is NOT what you are expected to contribute financially to your education. Depending on a lot of different factors - including things like how much merit-based aid you have earned - your out-of-pocket expenses for your education could be more or less than your SAI.

What your SAI really does is helps financial aid professionals determine how much financial need-based aid you are eligible to receive. Financial aid that is based on financial need may include - but is not limited to - things like grants, Federal Work-Study, or subsidized loans. Please note that some merit-based aid may also require students to have financial need, depending on criteria set by the provider of the aid.

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Where Can You Find Your SAI?

Your SAI can be found on your FAFSA Submission Summary. Students who have already completed their 2024-2025 FAFSA and would like to access their Submission Summary may use the instructions found on the Learn About the FAFSA Submission Summary webpage.

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