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General Information

Waivers are a type of aid that "waives" a portion of a student's institutional charges. As such, they can only be applied directly to the charges they are intended to waive and not other portions of the student's cost of attendance. Waivers usually do not need paid back.

Tuition waivers may only be applied toward University tuition (not college tuition or university fees) and do not combine with other forms of tuition-specific support, such as the WV Promise Scholarship. If a student has other forms of tuition-specific aid, the waiver will only cover the difference up to the value of University tuition.

Waivers may also impact other financial aid eligibility as financial aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Gift aid such as waivers can also impact a student's eligibility for aid that is offered based on financial need ("need-based" aid) such as grants and the subsidized loan.

Visiting students from other institutions must contact their "home" institution regarding financial aid eligibility. The home institution is the school where the student is admitted and pursuing their degree.

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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate tuition waivers are offered to students who meet certain criteria as mandated under West Virginia state policy.

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Graduate Students

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