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Graduate Tuition Waiver

Waivers of University tuition may be provided for graduate students with assistantships and fellowships, for graduate students offered merit waivers, and for eligible WVU employees.

Tuition waivers may only be applied to University Tuition (not College Tuition or University Fees) and do not combine with other forms of tuition-specific support. If a student has other forms of tuition, the waiver and/or the tuition-specific support may be adjusted to cover the value of University tuition.

Waivers may also impact other financial aid eligibility as financial aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

Eligible Students

Graduate tuition waivers are not available to undergraduate students.

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How to Apply

A waiver form must be submitted each semester. Deadlines and application information can be found on the Tuition Waiver Guidelines website.

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Enrollment Requirements

Enrollment requirements are based on the terms of the graduate waiver (depending on the source of the waiver). Most graduate student waivers are provided based on the hours in which the student is enrolled and do not require full-time enrollment.

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There may be limitations on how many semesters a student may receive the waiver, how many hours of university tuition the waiver covers each semester, and more. This depends on graduate waiver criteria and/or the source of the waiver. Additional information can be found at can be found on the Tuition Waiver Guidelines website.

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Additional Requirements

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