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Transient Financial Aid

What Is a Transient Student?

Transient students are current, admitted, degree-seeking students at WVU who are interested in taking a class or classes at another institution and applying them to their program of study at West Virginia University.

Students have the option of taking courses at both institutions or just the host institution, with the intent of transferring course credits to WVU. Credits earned at the host institution must count toward the student's degree completion requirements at WVU (the home institution) - including general course requirements and major requirements/electives. See the Office of the University Registrar Transient Coursework website for information on transferring in transient credit.

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How Do I Apply for Financial Aid as a Transient Student?

  1. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid for the appropriate aid year
  2. Make sure you do not have any unsatisfied requirements on your Financial Aid Information (via your WVU Portal) that would prevent you from being offered aid
  3. Complete the Transient Credit Application with your academic advisor
  4. Submit the Transient Financial Aid Request Form for the appropriate aid year
    1. You must complete Sections I, II, and III and send Sections IV and V to your host institution to complete. After all five sections are complete, the form should be returned to the WVU Hub by fax or submitting an online request. Please note that processing can be delayed if the form is returned without Sections I-V complete.

You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards for financial aid eligibility for federal and most state financial aid consideration.

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What Happens After I Apply for Transient Aid?

WVU will send a copy of the completed consortium agreement to you and your host institution. This is a contract between two institutions that recognizes student registration at each location for financial aid purposes. Only one of these institutions can administer Title IV and state financial aid. Financial aid will not be disbursed until a completed consortium agreement has been received.

You will receive an email confirmation when the consortium is sent to the host institution and another email once the consortium agreement has been completed informing you that this is a contract and that withdrawing from courses can impact your aid.

If your financial aid is more than your institutional charges with WVU, when your aid disburses as payment on your account for the semester, you will receive a refund of the difference. That refund should first be used to pay any institutional charges with the other/host institution where you are attending for your transient coursework. You must provide a transcript from the other institution showing that you maintained enrollment in and completed the reported coursework after your grade(s) are posted.

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