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Transient Financial Aid

What Is a Transient Student?
  • A transient student is an admitted student at WVU who is taking courses at another institution for the purpose of transferring earned credits back to WVU. 
  • The student has the option of taking courses at both institutions or just the host institution, with the intent of transferring course credits to WVU.
  • Credits earned must count toward the student’s degree completion requirements at WVU (including general course requirements and major requirements/electives).

Where To Start?
  1. Must complete the FAFSA and ensure that there are no  unsatisfied requirements on STAR .
  2. Complete the "Transient Financial Aid Request Form" available on the Forms section of our website and submit to the Mountaineer Hub. 
  3. Retrieve the WVU Credit Application completed by Academic Advising.  The earned credit hours must transfer to WVU and apply toward your degree requirements. 
  4. You must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

What Next?
WVU will contact the host institution to establish a consortium agreement. This is a contract between two institutions that recognizes student registration at each location for financial aid purposes. Only one of these institutions can administer Title IV and State financial aid. Financial aid will not be disbursed until a completed consortium agreement has been received.

  • You will receive an email confirmation when the consortium is sent to the host institution.
  • You will receive another email once the consortium agreement has been completed informing you that this is a contract and that withdrawing from courses will impact your aid.
  • You must maintain enrollment in the reported classes.