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Non-Degree Student

Students considered “non-degree” are those not in a degree-seeking program. They must meet certain criteria to be eligible for limited Federal Direct Loans.

There two categories of non-degree students eligible for federal aid:

  1. Students registered for courses that are necessary prerequisites for admission into a degree-seeking program. Note: These courses cannot be part of the degree program or intended to increase the student’s overall grade point average.
  2. Students registered for courses required for state teacher certification or recertification. Note: Students receiving the certification from WVU and not the state are not eligible for federal financial aid.

The following non-degree students are  not eligible for federal aid as a non-degree student:

Enrollment Requirements


  1. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the aid year they are seeking the loan consideration.
  2. Students must meet with a WVU academic advisor in the program of study the student is seeking admission into or receiving state teacher certification/recertification to complete the "Federal Financial Aid Application for Non-Degree Students" available under the Forms section of this website.

Aid Eligibility

Other Options to Fund Educational Expenses