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External Scholarships

External or private scholarships are those provided by private entities.  These must be sought independently by the student.  Students should check with local businesses, organizations, churches, libraries, and high school counselors for local private scholarships.

Students may also be "sponsored" by a third-party who pays institutional charges to the school on behalf of the student.  This is another form of scholarship.  Below is information regarding third-parties and scholarship search engines.

AmeriCorps - Vista Program 

Students who participate in AmeriCorps – Vista are able to use their AmeriCorps voucher for a variety of education purposes. For information about the benefits of community service through the AmeriCorps program, visit

Students can request an education payout for expenses for a current term by logging into their My AmeriCorps accounts at  In order to request that a voucher pay toward current education expenses, the student needs to select “Education Award for Education Expenses” from the menu after logging in. Then the student needs to fill out the requested information, such as the school they would like the request sent to as well as the term to which they would like the payment applied. Please be specific in the term (i.e. “Fall 2017” as opposed to just “Fall”). The payment can only be applied to semesters which start after the semester in which the student earned their voucher from AmeriCorps. For example, if the student worked for AmeriCorps in summer, then the voucher can be applied to any term from the consecutive fall term on.

The student may also request forbearance from their loan payments while working for AmeriCorps, request a payment of interest accrued on loans, or request a payment directly to loans. However, West Virginia University can only process forbearance, interest payments, and loan payments for Perkins loans held by the university. If the student wants to make a payment to a Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan, then the online request must be submitted to the student’s loan servicer.

Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits 

Students with disabilities can contact their local Vocational Rehabilitation Office for information regarding possible scholarships or sponsorships the agency may provide.  Please note students should also contact the WVU Office of Accessibility Services to see what services are available to you at WVU.

Here are a few common rehabilitation agencies which have provided sponsorships to WVU students who are residents of their state:

Scholarship Search Engines 

See our "Tips on Applying" advice on applying for private scholarships.