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Renewal Requirements

To renew institutional scholarships for subsequent academic years, all scholars are required to maintain specific overall grade point averages (GPA) and earn a minimum of 30 credit hours during the academic year (fall, spring, and summer).  Please be aware of the following information.

  • The required overall GPA may differ, depending on the scholarship and the student's incoming academic year. 
  • Credits earned prior to the first semester receiving the scholarship do not count toward the earned credit hour requirement but do count toward the overall GPA.  Dual enrollment courses taken during high school and credit through the Advanced Placement (AP) Program are two examples of credit that would not be used toward meeting the 30 earned credit hour requirement.
  • Credit for a course taken again during the same academic year to improve a grade or for any other purpose will only be counted once towards meeting the requirement for the 30 earned credit hours.  Be advised to read over WVU's policy on repeat coursework and contact your academic advisor with any questions if you are taking or plan to take any repeat coursework during the same academic year to ensure you can still meet the earned credit hour requirement for your scholarship.

Most scholarships are for a maximum of eight undergraduate semesters, or until completion of a bachelor’s degree - whichever comes first.  Other criteria may exist, such as remaining in an academic major within a certain College/School. 

Scholarship renewal criteria based on the student's incoming year can be found here.

Click here for PROMISE Scholarship renewal information.
Academic Progress

Academic standards exist for each level of scholarship awards and are measured at the end of the spring semester of each academic year. Students are notified in writing at the end of the spring semester if appropriate progress has not been attained, and summer school may be used in attempt to make up deficiencies. As a reminder, credit for a course taken again during the same academic year - fall, spring, and summer - will only count once toward the earned credit hours requirement. Students failing to meet renewal requirements by the end of the summer session will not have their scholarship renewed.

Students whose first enrollment is the spring semester - or who have deferred their scholarship for one semester - may be reviewed against a 15 earned credit hour requirement for that academic year.  Starting with the next academic year, they will return to the normal requirement of 30 credit hours listed above.

Students can submit the "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available on the Forms section of our website if they can document extenuating circumstances such as a family, medical, or personal event which adversely affected their academic performance.