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Tips on Applying for Scholarships

  1. Apply early, often, and for everything!
  2. It is in students' best interest to apply for scholarships themselves. Not only does it give them a better understanding of the financial investment they're making for their future, but scholarship providers may eliminate a student's application if they believe the application, essay, or personal statement has been completed by someone other than the student.
  3. When using a scholarship search engine, narrow it down by searching for your major, hobbies, interests, location, heritage, enrollment level (i.e. freshman in high school, sophomore in college), etc. Whatever you can think of, there is probably a scholarship out there for it!
  4. Beware of scholarship scams such as those requesting Social Security numbers, those charging fees for their services, and "guarantees" to win a scholarship. 
  5. Don't skip applying for smaller scholarships. Typically there are less applicants - and therefore less competition - for them.
  6. Be aware of scholarship deadlines.
  7. Don't stop applying for scholarships - even if you're in your junior year of college. Some students think of it like a job and set aside an hour a night or a few hours one day a week to just apply for scholarships.