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Accept or Decline Aid

Once a student is offered financial aid, they can easily review, accept, or decline their aid through their Portal - including offered scholarships, grants, or loans.

We encourage students to make a decision on their aid offer as quickly as possible to ensure everything is ready for the upcoming academic year.

How to Accept/Decline Aid Online

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your login credentials (WVU master ID and password)
  3. Click on "Financial Aid Information"
  4. Click on "Award"
  5. Click on "Award by Aid Year"
  6. Select the appropriate aid year (Please note financial aid for the summer semester is listed under the prior academic year. Example: aid for summer 2018 is listed on the 2017-2018 aid year.)
  7. Click on the "Accept Award Offer" tab
  8. Make your decision on the financial aid offer
A drop-down box should appear beside any aid ready for or requiring a decision.  If there is not a drop-down box, a decision may have already been made on the aid, or you may have unsatisfied requirements that prevent the aid from being accepted/declined.  

Students can also click the "Accept All" button to accept all aid they have been offered.

Offered aid can only be accepted, declined, or reduced through STAR one time.  If you have changed your mind, please contact the Mountaineer Hub for adjustments. 

Acceptance of the financial aid funds indicates you understand and agree to any terms your awards may carry. You can view information on the funds by clicking on the name of the fund when reviewing in your WVU Portal (instructions above).

In Which Order Should You Accept Financial Aid?

Below is the best order in which to accept financial aid, depending on what you are eligible to receive.
Order to Accept Aid First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Types of Aid Scholarships, Grants, or Waivers Federal Work-Study Federal Subsidized Loan Federal Unsubsidized Loan Federal PLUS or Private Loans