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Changes to Financial Aid

Revisions to a student’s financial aid offer can occur for a number of reasons, but most frequently it is because the student is receiving more financial aid than federal and/or state guidelines permit (over award).

An "over award" can be the result of receiving additional financial aid - such as scholarships, tuition waivers or other financial aid assistance - after your original financial aid eligibility was reviewed and processed.

Other common reasons for financial aid revisions are:

Please note that scholarship eligibility may change as new information becomes available, including documentation showing increases or decreases in test scores or GPA from data previously self-reported on the Common Application. Some scholarships are specific to campus, residency, or major and may be reduced or canceled should those factors change.

If adjustments were made to financial aid because of an over award and financial aid was already applied to your account, you may now owe a balance and will be charged accordingly by the WVU Hub. Students can view up-to-the-minute information on their financial aid through their Financial Aid Information via their WVU Portal. Billing and payment information can be found via WVU MyAccount (accessed through the "PAY YOUR BILL HERE!" button on the WVU Portal).