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Adjustments Based on Enrollment

The financial aid cost of attendance (COA) and financial aid awards are estimated based on anticipated full-time enrollment in courses needed for the student's degree.

What Is Considered Half-Time or Full-Time?

See the  Enrollment Standards for Financial Aid page for specifications.

What Will Be Adjusted in the Cost of Attendance?

If a student does not enroll full-time, the following components will be adjusted in their financial aid cost of attendance based on enrolled hours. These will be adjusted to the “cost per credit hour” multiplied by enrolled credit hours.

Personal expenses are only adjusted if a student’s enrollment is below half-time (less than six hours for undergraduates; less than four hours for graduates during fall/spring). If enrollment is above half-time, the personal expenses component of the financial aid COA remains the same. If enrollment is below half-time, personal expenses are adjusted to $0.

Room and meals estimates within the COA are not adjusted, even if a student is only enrolled in one credit hour. They will have full-time room and meals estimates.

What Will Be Adjusted in the Financial Aid?

Financial aid may need to be adjusted to fit within the reduced cost of attendance or reduced financial need. Financial aid cannot exceed a student’s cost of attendance.

In addition, financial aid programs have their own enrollment requirements:



Federal Work-Study

If a student is enrolled less than half-time, federal work-study must be canceled.