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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Per federal regulation, Financial Aid must monitor Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for all financial aid recipients.

Introduction to Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students must maintain a level of academic progress toward completing their degree or teacher certification to retain eligibility for aid - including student loans, parent loans, federal work study, and grants.

Satisfactory academic progress is measured at the end of the spring semester for students enrolled in the preceding summer, fall, or spring semesters. If a student not enrolled in those semesters later submits a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a manual review is completed to determine the student's SAP status for financial aid. The measurement will be based on the student's current academic record at the time of review. Students enrolling at the institution for the first time are considered to be making SAP (including incoming first-time freshmen and first-time transfer students).

Academic progress standards include:

  • A minimum overall grade point average (GPA);
  • Completion of at least 67% of attempted hours (completion rate);
  • A maximum amount of attempted hours based on the student’s degree objective.

Visit the Minimum SAP Standards page for more information on the minimum criteria.

Students who are NOT maintaining these standards after the SAP reviews immediately lose eligibility for aid. If a student continues after not maintaining SAP standards, they must do so without federal, state, and/or institutional financial aid.

Students suspended from financial aid have the option to appeal for their aid eligibility. Visit our Appeal Process page for more information. Students must meet with their academic advisor to appeal (or Academic Affairs for students on the Keyser campus). Students are responsible for making payments when their bill is due regardless of the status of the appeal.

Please note that if you are also suspended from the University (academic suspension), you must also appeal or serve the term of your suspension, then follow the process to be readmitted as applicable. The satisfactory academic progress appeal process is for financial aid only and does not reinstate your academic standing. See the Probation and Suspension website for more on academic suspension.

You can view the status of your financial aid academic progress on your Financial Aid Information via your WVU Portal.

  1. Go to your WVU Portal
  2. Enter your login credentials ( WVU username and password)
  3. Click on the "Financial Aid Information" button
  4. Select the appropriate award year
  5. Click on the "Satisfactory Academic Progress" tab

Please note that in addition to meeting overall SAP, certain aid programs (such as state and institutional grants and scholarships) may have their own renewal requirements with minimum overall GPAs and/or earning a certain amount of hours.

Each student is responsible for their awareness of the SAP policy. Click here to read the full Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

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