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Child of Slain Officer Waiver

The Child of Slain Officer waiver may be offered to the child or spouse of a West Virginia resident who was killed in the line of duty while employed or serving as a:

  • Law-enforcement officer, as defined by WV Code Section 1, Article 29, Chapter 30
  • Correctional officer at a state penal institution
  • Parole officer
  • Probation officer
  • Natural resources police officer
  • Registered firefighter, including members of a volunteer fire department servicing a political subdivision of West Virginia
  • National guard member or a member of a reserve component of the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Service member on federal or state active military duty

Eligible Students

Degree-seeking, undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's, graduate, or professional degree.

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For consideration, documentation certifying the eligibility of the employee who was killed in the line of duty and their relationship to the student must be provided from the employing agency to the WVU Hub. Students must also submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year via the Federal Student Aid website.

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Enrollment Requirements

Students must be enrolled full-time.

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Students cannot receive waivers for more than eight undergraduate semesters or completion of a bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.

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Additional Requirements