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Updated April 15, 2017

The February 1 deadline for scholarship consideration for incoming freshmen has been extended to July 3, 2017! Students must be admitted by July 3 with up-to-date high school transcripts and ACT and/or SAT test scores for scholarship consideration. Admitted freshmen can also submit updated transcripts or test scores until July 3 to be reevaluated for scholarship eligibility!

Scholarships are funds awarded based on a variety of criteria such as academic merit, financial need, leadership, and service.  Scholarships are funds which usually do not need repaid.

Scholarships fall into five different categories:
Category 1:  Institutional scholarships awarded to incoming students such as freshmen, transfer undergraduates, and international students.

Category 2:  Departmental or college scholarships students may be eligible to apply for and/or receive based on their program of study.

Category 3:  External or private scholarships students may seek from private entities outside of the university.

Category 4:  Study abroad scholarships to be utilized on a study abroad trip.

Category 5:  Nontraditional student Osher Reentry Scholarship (awarded to nontraditional students who are beginning or resuming their first undergraduate degree.)