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Changes to the Definition of Half-Time Enrollment for Graduate/Professional Students

The definition of half-time status for Graduate/Professional students for financial aid purposes is changing to align with the enrollment standards of the Office of the University Registrar for consistency across campus. During the fall and spring semesters for Graduate/Professional students, one to four credit hours will be considered less than half-time enrollment, five credit hours will be half-time enrollment, six to eight hours will be three-quarters time, and nine hours will remain full-time. Graduate/Professional students will need to be enrolled in at least five credit hours during fall and spring semesters for federal loan eligibility.

The current definition of half-time status for financial aid purposes for Graduate/Professional students is four credit hours during fall and spring. This change will not impact half-time enrollment during summer semesters for Graduate/Professional students (three credit hours) or undergraduate enrollment standards.

IRS Data Retrieval Tool Unavailable

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool – part of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – is not available at this time. To fill out the FAFSA, students may manually input 2015 tax information.

Students who must submit tax documentation as part of the verification of FAFSA information process, please click here for options.


The February 1 deadline for scholarship consideration for incoming freshmen has been extended to July 3, 2017! Students must be admitted by July 3 with up-to-date high school transcripts and ACT and/or SAT test scores for scholarship consideration. Admitted freshmen can also submit updated transcripts or test scores until July 3 to be reevaluated for scholarship eligibility!


The minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) required to maintain eligibility for financial aid has been updated. Undergraduate students must maintain a 2.0 overall GPA for financial aid eligibility. Please note there are different requirements for graduate and professional students. Other standards include:

* Completion of a minimum percentage of all attempted credit hours (completion rate);

* A maximum amount of attempted hours.

GPA and completion rate standards will continue to be measured at the end of each spring semester. Maximum attempted hours will be reviewed at the end of each semester. Additional information can be found here.


Students whose financial circumstances have been adversely affected by a natural disaster are encouraged to submit the form for a Review of Financial Hardship Due to Natural Disaster. We will do our best to help students through this difficult time by ensuring they are receiving the maximum amount of financial aid available to them for educational expenses. If students have questions, they can reach us at 304-293-1988 or We are here to help!


If you are currently repaying Federal Direct Student Loans and have been negatively impacted by a natural disaster, you may qualify for administrative forbearance of loan repayment for a period of up to three months. Contact your loan servicer immediately regarding your options! Please note that interest is still charged during periods of forbearance.


Review Your Aid?

Review Your Aid?

West Virginia University believes the talents and ambitions of our young people are among the most valuable resources this nation possesses. With this thought in mind, the University continues to promote scholarship, grant, loan, and employment opportunities for its students who need financial assistance to make college attendance a reality. This site is intended to acquaint present and prospective students with financial resources available and to assist them in obtaining the financial aid they may need.