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WVU offers a wide variety of courses during the summer. Visit for more information.

Below are the two most frequent questions regarding summer and PROMISE.

Can I use PROMISE for summer?
For consideration for summer PROMISE, students must complete a Summer PROMISE Application at between March 15 and May 15. The award is based on eligible funding and meeting all criteria for summer eligibility.  

Summer awards are usually not made until June, so students with payment due before that time must make payment for the summer term and be reimbursed when the scholarship is received.

To be eligible for a summer award, a student must be academically eligible for scholarship continuation at the end of the spring semester preceding the summer that assistance is requested.  Please note if you take courses at another institution or do a study abroad/exchange trip during the fall and/or spring semesters, your official transcripts from the other institution must be received and listed on the STAR system in order for us to determine summer eligibility.

Utilizing PROMISE during summer counts as one of your eight semesters of eligibility.  There are additional criteria which must be met for consideration.  Visit for a full list.

Can I use summer to make up academic progress for my PROMISE scholarship renewal?

Classes taken during summer sessions can be counted toward your academic progress for PROMISE as a renewal student. Please remember that credit for a course taken again during the same award year - fall, spring, and summer - to improve a grade or for any other purpose will only be counted once towards meeting the earned hours requirement for PROMISE renewal.

You may also take summer courses at other institutions in order to regain your PROMISE scholarship eligibility as long as they transfer back to WVU as recognized earned credit hours and grades.   If you plan to take courses at another university or college, you must complete the Transient Student Application and obtain permission from your academic advisor.

It is your responsibility to notify the Mountaineer Hub once you can view those grades in  STAR so they can reevaluate your PROMISE status.

For complete instructions on taking courses at another university, information about the Transfer Equivalency System, and a copy of the Transient Student Application, visit .