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I'm a West Virginia resident, and I've been admitted to WVU.  Do I need to apply separately for the PROMISE Scholarship? 
Yes.  There is a separate application for PROMISE.  The application becomes available October 1, and the deadline is March 1 for the upcoming academic year.  Students are also required to submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1.  Visit for more information. 
The deadline has been extended to March 30, 2018 for incoming freshmen for Fall 2018.

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Can PROMISE be used in addition to WVU scholarships? 
In most cases, PROMISE may be stacked with WVU scholarships.  However, there can be exceptions.  PROMISE is tuition and fee specific, so if the student has other aid which is specifically meant to apply to tuition and fees, one must be reduced.  Also, financial aid cannot be more than the student's cost of attendance for financial aid purposes.

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Do I have to be enrolled full-time for PROMISE? 
PROMISE will not disburse unless the student is enrolled in at least twelve credit hours (full-time) by the end of the add/drop period each semester (although there may be exceptions for the student's final semester of eligibility).  Also, please remember that PROMISE renewal requirements state you must have 30 earned credit hours in order to renew the scholarship for the following academic year.

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May I take a leave of absence from college without losing PROMISE? 

PROMISE scholarship students who have an approved medical or family emergency leave of absence from their college of attendance may continue their scholarship upon return without loss of eligibility or benefit so long as the student continues to meet all applicable eligibility standards. If a student needs to miss an upcoming term, an official Leave of Absence can be requested through consultation with the student’s academic advisor. Contact the Office of the University Registrar or your advisor for more information on an official Leave of Absence.

We highly recommend you review the PROMISE Scholarship website for current leave of absence policies.

Students who are granted an approved leave of absence will have their PROMISE academic review cycle affected. For example, a student who attends the fall semester but receives an approved leave of absence for the spring semester will become a fall academic review cycle, provided they return from their approved leave as planned. Thus, the PROMISE academic review cycle becomes fall semester, any summer work, and the next fall semester (i.e. fall 2015, summer 2015, and fall 2016). This would be the review period the student needs to earn their annual 30 credit hours and have the necessary GPA for renewal.

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