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Innovators Scholarship for Non-Residents

Innovators Scholarship

Value of Scholarship

$2,000 per year for up to four undergraduate years or completion of a bachelor’s degree – whichever comes first.

How to Apply & Deadlines

Must be admitted to an eligible WVU college on the Morgantown campus as a first-time freshman of first-time transfer student by June 1, 2024. Transfer students must be transferring into a WVU campus from another institution to be considered.

Students who meet the admission deadline will be considered for scholarships (or increases to scholarships if applicable) based on submission of new transcripts if the information is updated on their WVU student record by June 1, 2024. High school GPA changes are not processed automatically and require students to submit a GPA Update Request Form. Transfer GPA is calculated by WVU Admissions based on a review of transcripts received from prior institutions. Accepted credit hours and grades for transfer courses are converted into WVU’s semester and grading systems and may differ from your prior institution.


Students must stay within an academic major offered by one of the following Morgantown colleges:

  • Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design
  • Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
  • Chambers College of Business and Economics
  • Reed College of Media

Please be aware that incoming students majoring in online programs of study are not eligible for institutional scholarships. Students beginning in on-campus majors will lose their institutional scholarship eligibility if they switch to an online program of study at any point.

Non-resident students receiving this level of scholarship who change to in-state tuition rates through programs such as Ohio Tuition Reciprocity or National Guard assessment (or who change to in-state tuition rates through any other program) will have this scholarship removed from their financial aid offer. Students will not be awarded a replacement scholarship. If a student changes back to non-resident tuition rates, the Innovators Scholarship will not be reinstated.

Students in the following intercollegiate program may also be eligible.

  • Game Design and Interactive Media

Offers are based on an incoming high school or overall transfer GPA. For the Innovators Scholarship, students must have an incoming GPA of 3.8 or higher.

Renewal Information

Review renewal requirements for all scholarships.