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Summer Gift Aid

Please note that not all types of financial aid are available during the summer semester.

"Gift aid" is financial aid that usually does not need to be repaid (unlike loans which are borrowed aid).


The grants listed below are potential grants for summer. Grants are awarded based on financial need as determined by data students report on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Some grants also have a merit component.

  • Summer Federal Pell Grant: This grant is for undergraduate students only (those who have not earned a bachelor's degree).
  • Summer Federal TEACH Grant: Summer TEACH Grant is only available for students who have not used their full eligibility for TEACH. The amount is based on enrollment and will be adjusted if enrollment changes. Students must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for 2018-2019 and the institutional TEACH Grant Application available on the Forms page. For full information on TEACH, visit our Federal TEACH Grant page.


Scholarships are awarded based on criteria such as merit, financial need, leadership, service, submission of an application, or various other criteria.

  • Institutional Scholarships: In most cases, merit awards offered by the institution are not available for summer sessions. Exceptions may be made for students graduating in summer or the upcoming fall. Should those criteria apply to you, fill out the "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available on the Forms page.
  • PROMISE Scholarship: PROMISE scholars may be able to use PROMISE for summer if renewal requirements have been met as of the end of the spring semester. Visit our Summer PROMISE page for more information.
  • External or Private Scholarships: Students are encouraged to seek private scholarships from third-parties to help fund educational expenses. Visit our External Scholarships page for tips on applying for scholarships as well as scholarship search engines.


Waivers are a type of aid that "waives" a portion of a student's cost of attendance. They may be awarded based on financial need, merit, submission of an application, or various other criteria. Students should contact the provider of the waiver to see if it is applicable for summer. See our Waivers page for more information.