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Schoenbaum Loan

The Alex and Betty Schoenbaum Teacher Preparation Scholarship/Loan is available through the College of Applied Human Sciences (CAHS) to students in certain CAHS programs.

Visit the College of Applied Human Sciences website to determine which programs are eligible.

Application Process

  1. Apply through CAHS
  2. Read the Institutional Loan Disclosure
  3. If you are offered the loan, accept the loan online
  4. Submit the Self-Certification Form (only complete sections 3 and 4)
    1. You will receive notification to your MIX account when this document is ready to complete on your StudentForms account
    2. If you need assistance in submitting this form, please review our StudentForms Account webpage
  5. Complete the promissory note
    You will receive a notification to your MIX email from WVU's loan servicer, Heartland ECSI, with additional loan disclosures and instructions on completing your promissory note. Please monitor your MIX email via your WVU Portal regularly.

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This loan is forgiven as long as the student completes the degree (in education) for which they receive the loan. The forgiveness provision applies to loans borrowed from the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 academic year to the current academic year. Schoenbaum loans borrowed prior to Fall 2014 had different forgiveness provisions which remain in effect for those loans. Students could have two different forgiveness provisions if they borrowed both before and after Fall 2014. Students should refer to their promissory notes to determine which forgiveness provisions apply to their loans. To request forgiveness, complete the Request for Deferment/Cancellation on the Heartland ECSI website under "Download Forms."

  • If converted to a loan, there is a nine-month grace period after the student graduates or drops below half-time enrollment before repayment begins. Repayment of the loan begins immediately after the grace period ends.
  • The minimum monthly payment is $50.00 (unless otherwise specified on the promissory note the student signs), plus accrued interest.
  • The repayment period must not exceed ten years.
  • The Schoenbaum is a subsidized loan with a 5% simple annual interest rate.
  • Cancellation of the loan may be granted in certain circumstances such as death or permanent disability. Cancellation provisions are described in the student's promissory note.
  • The Cancellation Form is available on the Heartland ECSI website.
  • Borrowers may prepay the loan at any time.
  • This loan cannot be consolidated.

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