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Request for Returning Federal Work-Study Students

Beginning with the fall 2024 semester, there are changes to the processes of supervisors requesting the return of employed Federal Work-Study (FWS) students and re-posting positions for the following academic year.

Steps to Request Returning FWS Students

Please utilize the information below to ensure that all required steps are followed to prevent any processing delays. These steps can also be found in the Federal Work-Study Returning Student Guide.

  1. Confirm with your work-study student(s) that they are interested in returning for the upcoming year.
  2. Download the 2024-2025 Request for Returning FWS Student spreadsheet.
  3. Complete the spreadsheet by listing student(s) who will be returning to their position. Please only list students who have confirmed they wish to return.
  4. Submit the 2024-2025 Request for Returning FWS Students form. As part of the form, supervisors must:
    1. Attach a copy of the completed 2024-2025 Request for Returning FWS Student spreadsheet.
    2. Indicate if they wish to have the work-study position reposted for new applicants for 2024-2025. Due to changes to Handshake, positions will not automatically repost, and new Job IDs will be assigned for each position. If a supervisor opts out of reposting the position within this request, they must submit the Student Employment Job Posting Request Form to have the position posted to Handshake.

Both the supervisor and student will receive a confirmation email regarding the FWS renewal – if the student is eligible to return to their position. Supervisors will also receive a final confirmation email in starting in July 2024 with the status of all students that were submitted on the Request for Returning FWS Students form.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the timeframe for a response to my requested student’s eligibility for 2024-2025?

Due to changes implemented by the Department of Education to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), there are anticipated delays for institutions to determine aid eligibility for the 2024-2025 aid year. Confirmation emails may not begin until late July 2024.

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What are the students’ responsibilities to ensure they may be reviewed for work-study eligibility?

Students must complete the FAFSA. The FAFSA priority deadline is March 1 each year for students who wish to be considered for Federal Work-Study. The 2024-2025 priority deadline has been extended to April 1, 2024 due to the delayed FAFSA launch.

Students should monitor their MIX email after submitting the FAFSA. Sometimes, students may be asked to provide additional documentation before we can review their aid eligibility, including Federal Work-Study eligibility. Students may contact the WVU Hub if they need assistance completing their unsatisfied requirements.

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What is the deadline for supervisors to request returning work-study students for 2024-2025?

Due to FAFSA and financial aid processing delays impacting higher education institutions, the estimated deadline is early May 2024. A final deadline will be shared with all supervisors via email once one is finalized.

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When will the hiring of new applicants begin for the upcoming academic year?

Work-study positions will be available to students eligible for FWS in Handshake on June 5, 2024. After June 5, 2024, supervisors may begin to submit the Federal Work-Study New Hire Form to hire applicants.  Due to anticipated FAFSA delays, applications may not arrive until after this date. Recipients should check their inboxes weekly to look out for applications throughout the summer.

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What is the first day that work-study students may begin working?

Work-study students can begin working on August 21, 2024, the first day of the fall 2024 semester.

For students to work before the first day of the fall semester, they must be hired as a student worker. Wages earned prior to the first day of class are the responsibility of the department or agency to cover.

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What happens if a student that was requested to return is not eligible for work-study but later gains eligibility?

If a student is not eligible for FWS prior to the end of the WVU Hub review process, supervisors must re-hire the student by submitting the Federal Work-Study New Hire Form. Only students on the final confirmation list provided by the WVU Hub work-study team will be considered employed for the upcoming academic year.

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Will the Handshake Job ID remain the same for next year if it is re-posted or request a new work-study position to be posted?

No. A new Handshake Job ID must be created each year. The WVU Hub work-study team will notify each supervisor of the position title and Handshake Job ID assigned for the position.

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What if a returning student receives a confirmation email but is not included on the final list of returning students?

Student financial aid eligibility, including work-study eligibility, is subject to change. If a requested student is not included on the final list the supervisor receives, it is due to a change in their eligibility status. Students not listed on the final list must be re-hired via the Federal Work-Study New Hire Form should their eligibility status change again.

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