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PROMISE Renewal Requirements

PROMISE can be renewed for up to four undergraduate years (eight semesters) or completion of a bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.

A PROMISE Scholarship student must continue to meet  Satisfactory Academic Progress  standards for financial aid.  

Additionally, renewal requirements are reviewed at the  end of a year of scholarship utilization, based on your first-time semester of regular enrollment.

When students are reviewed at the end of their year, they must have earned a minimum of 30 credit hours . Any classes from which they withdrew or earned a failing grade do not count as earned hours.

In addition, students must meet overall GPA requirements.  For the first year a PROMISE award is received, the applicant may be eligible for renewal if they earned an overall GPA of at least 2.75. For following years, an overall GPA of no less than 3.0 is required.

We highly recommend you review the  PROMISE Scholarship website for current renewal requirements.

Will Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, or Prior College Credit Count Toward the 30 Credit Hours and GPA for Renewing PROMISE?

No. While any AP, CLEP, or prior college credit earned while in high school may count toward your total hours and GPA at WVU, it will not count toward the 30 hours you need to complete and the GPA  you must obtain to maintain  PROMISE.

Courses taken prior to the first semester you receive the PROMISE  Scholarship will not count toward fulfilling the renewal requirements.

This includes students who defer their PROMISE the first semester of college and attend an out of state institution.

Can Students Appeal if They Do Not Meet Renewal Requirements?

A student granted an initial PROMISE Scholarship may appeal a non-renewal of the award. Any such appeal must be filed within fifteen (15) days of notification to the student that they are not eligible for renewal of the award. The appeal is to be filed with the Mountaineer Hub. Only under extremely extenuating circumstances will an appeal be approved.

If the appeal of the non-renewal is denied by WVU, the student may appeal that decision to the Executive Director at the PROMISE Board. The appeal must be filed within fifteen (15) days of notification to the student of denial of the WVU appeal. The appeal must be in writing and detail, with specificity, the grounds for the appeal. The Executive Director may require additional evidence or materials be submitted. If the Executive Director denies the appeal the reasons for the denial shall be communicated in writing to the applicant with an explanation of the reason for the denial.

If a student with a PROMISE Scholarship is not eligible for renewal of the award because of failure to maintain academic progress they may not utilize the procedure set out herein to challenge any grade assigned them. Challenges to grades must be brought under established institutional procedures for grade appeals. The process set out above may only be utilized to challenge the application of the eligibility requirements to the grade or grades assigned. If a student is successful on a grade appeal, and the changing of the grade makes them eligible for renewal, they may petition the PROMISE Board for a renewal of the award retroactively.

We highly recommend you review the  PROMISE Scholarship website  for current appeals process policies.