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Additional Scholarship Guidelines

Deferring Scholarships and Leaves of Absence

Deferring Scholarships:
Students may be considered for the deferral of their scholarship for a one-year period for reasons other than attendance at another post-secondary institution. Reasons for deferral may include situations such as military service or a medical issue. Students may submit the "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available under the Deferring Scholarship Forms section of our website for deferral consideration. Requests must  be submitted a t least six weeks prior to the beginning of the semester in which the scholarship would begin.  Students granted this type of deferral must reapply for admission and financial aid after the deferral period has ended. Students will retain their full award with no penalty if they enroll after the one-year period. Students who attend another post-secondary institution and have earned at least 15 credit hours will be evaluated for a transfer scholarship when they reapply for admission and financial aid. Any student transferring from a WVU regional campus or any other institution must meet all renewal guidelines in order to receive their scholarship at WVU.
Leaves of Absence:
Leaves of absence may be granted from the program if medical reasons exist and the student provides a written statement from a physician. For other leave of absence requests, students may submit the "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available under the Leaves of Absence Forms section of our website for consideration.  Students must notify the Mountaineer Hub of their intent to enroll at least six weeks prior to returning to WVU.  A student on leave of absence may typically have their eligibility extended by one academic year.

Award Period, Application of Funds, & Multiple Awards

Award Period & Application of Funds
Your scholarship award is for the fall and spring semesters of the academic year. This means that your disbursement of money will occur in increments of 50% for the fall semester and 50% for the spring semester.  Students must maintain full-time enrollment each semester.  If students are graduating at the end of the semester and are enrolled less than full-time, they can submit the "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available under the  Forms  section of our website for consideration for less than full-time disbursement.

Scholarships may not be used during summer semesters unless the student is graduating in the upcoming summer or fall term, or is on track to graduate in three years (in which case they can submit a "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available under the   Forms  section of our website for consideration) .  Most awards are for a maximum of eight undergraduate semesters, or a bachelor’s degree, whichever comes first.  See the renewal requirements under each type of scholarship for additional information.

Scholarships may not be used during graduate school or to pursue a second bachelor’s degree. In most instances the scholarship is not restricted to payment of tuition and fees, but may be used to cover other educational expenses such as room and board, books and supplies, etc.
Multiple Awards
Students who are eligible to receive more than one institutional scholarship or award as an incoming student will receive the one award with the highest dollar value. Please note that this includes National Merit Scholarships that are sponsored by West Virginia University. 
The other scholarships in the program which are not stackable with each other include the Foundation, Bucklew, University Merit, Scholarship of Distinction Level 1, Scholarship of Distinction Level 2, Scholarship of Distinction Level 3, Scholarship of Distinction Level 4, Governor’s Honors Academy, and G. Belmont Berry.
Scholarship amounts may be affected if students are receiving additional financial aid or assistance. In some instances, it may be necessary for us to reduce the amount of select scholarships if the total gift aid (scholarships and grants) received in a year exceeds the established cost of attendance at WVU.

Appealing Scholarships

Academic standards exist for each level of scholarship awards.  Students are notified in writing at the end of the spring semester if renewal requirements have not been met, and summer school may be used to attempt to make up deficiencies. Students whose first enrollment is the spring semester or who deferred their scholarship may be on a different review cycle where renewal requirements are measured after the fall semester.

Students failing to meet renewal requirements will not have their scholarship renewed and lose future eligibility.  Students not meeting renewal requirements may appeal if they can document extenuating circumstances by submitting the "Scholarship Exception Request Form"  available under the  Forms  section of our website.  Appealing does not guarantee the scholarship will be reinstated.

Students must also continue to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid eligibility.

Summer School

Institutional scholarships may only be used for summer school if a student is graduating in the upcoming summer or fall semester. Students in three year bachelor’s degree programs may also petition to use awards during summer terms. 

Students meeting these criteria who wish to utilize a semester of their award in a summer term must submit  the "Scholarship Exception Request Form" available under the  Forms  section of our website for review at  least three weeks prior to the start of the summer session.  No other summer awards will be made.

For more on summer financial aid, visit the Summer Financial Aid section of our website.