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Financial Hardship

*Students who have experienced financial hardships due to a natural disaster are encouraged to submit the "Request for Review of Financial Hardship Due to Natural Disaster" available under the Forms section of our website. 

Students sometimes find the information they provided on the FAFSA no longer accurately reflects their family’s financial situation.  There are certain circumstances where financial aid professionals at the University can review and update the student's FAFSA to ensure it is accurately reflecting the student's current financial situation.  

There are limitations to hardships the U.S. Department of Higher Education will allow financial aid administrators to consider. To remain equitable, our office will review all applications on a case-by-case basis.

Please note if the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) on the FAFSA is "0" the student has already been awarded the maximum amount of aid they are eligible to receive.

The following conditions may be considered*:

The following conditions generally may not be considered:

To Complete a Financial Hardship Review:
  1. Submit the "Request for Review of Financial Hardship" form* available under the Forms section of our website.
  2. Submit the documentation requested on the form to support and strengthen the review.
  3. Once all requested documentation is submitted, the student will receive an email notification of the outcome of the review within three to five business days.  Please note this time may be extended during peak processing times.
Possible Outcomes of a Financial Hardship Review: