Tuition & Cost Information

  • Tuition and Fees—This tool estimates a student’s cost of attendance based on their academic level, residency, housing plans, enrollment period, and major. The results provide estimates for tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses.
  • Cost of Attendance—This is an estimate of how much your educational costs are expected to be for an academic year (Fall and Spring semesters). This is sometimes referred to as the student’s financial aid “budget.”
  • Reduced Tuition Options—Qualifying students may receive reduced tuition or in-state tuition rates through these programs.
  • Net Price Calculator—This tool estimates the cost of attendance at WVU less financial aid and scholarships, providing an estimate for “out-of-pocket” expenses.
  • —Available in MS Excel spreadsheets and Adobe PDF files, these worksheets assist in comparing the costs and aid offered by WVU and other schools you are considering.