Other Funding Options

In addition to scholarships, grants, and/or loans offered by the institution, state, or federal government, there are additional ways students can fund their educational expenses.

College Savings Plans

If you invested in a college savings plan such as a 529 or prepaid college plan, it is important to contact your plan manager for instructions on how to send funds to the institution. Some plans only require a request from the plan holder while others need a bill printed from the student’s STAR account online.

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Third-Party Sponsors

Third-Party Sponsors are entities which pay institutional charges for a student. Examples: Vocational Rehabilitation, military, employers, etc. Students may qualify for assistance through these entities. Information on what sponsors should provide can be found here.

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Monthly Payment Plan

West Virginia University offers the TuitionPay monthly payment plan to help students spread all or a portion of their institutional charges over several months. For more information or to sign up, click here

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Student Employment

Students can seek on- or off-campus employment to help with indirect costs – such as supplies, personal, and transportation costs – through the MountaineerTRAK system at studentemployment.wvu.edu.

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Private and Departmental Scholarships

Students should always continue seeking additional scholarship assistance through their department (i.e. program of study) and private establishments. A breakdown of different scholarship sources as well as tips on applying can be found here.

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Credit-Based Loan Options

There are a variety of different credit-based loan options from the federal government and private lenders. However, there are differences between federal and private loans such as the borrower, the lender, interest rates, fees, and terms. We have tools to help you determine what works best for you!

  • Students and parents can apply for private loans. More information available here.
  • Parent PLUS Loans are options for parents of dependent undergraduates. More information available here.
  • Graduate PLUS Loans can only be borrowed by graduate students. More information available here.