How Financial Aid is Disbursed

Financial aid is paid out in two disbursements – once for the fall semester and once for the spring semester.

If you are a first time loan borrower, you must complete Entrance Counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) before your loans can be disbursed (view details in the Requirements section of this website).

Please note that in most instances, there is an origination fee which is taken from your loan at the time of disbursement.

If all requirements have been met, most financial aid will disburse to the student’s institutional “student account” about one week before the start of each semester; however, some types of assistance coming from sources outside of the institution (some state assistance, private scholarships, and third-party sponsorships) may arrive later.

Any funds remaining after all University charges are paid are refunded to the student according to the method the student has chosen. Please review the options available at the Office of Student Accounts website at

To make sure your local and parent/permanent addresses are current, please check your contact information on your STAR account.

If you are required to make a personal payment on your account, obtain information regarding payment methods and payment plans at the Office of Student Accounts website at