Access Financial Aid Information Online

Check your WVU student information using The STAR Student Information System. STAR (Students and Technology Achieving Results) is a real-time, online, interactive student information system. You can log in at

Things to Know Before Reviewing Your Financial Aid Package in STAR

Estimated aid cannot be accepted or declined.

Federal PLUS Parent Loan – An online request must be completed at and favorable parent credit history will be needed. If you are not interested in applying for this loan, please send us an email to

If the WV Promise Scholarship, WV Higher Education Grant, Pennsylvania Higher Education Grant and any scholarship offered through WVU is in an estimated status, confirmation has not been received that all awarding requirements have been met. If you are not eligible for the estimated aid, a new notification will be sent either from the state agency or WVU.

Offered aid can be accepted, reduced, or declined on STAR one-time only. A drop down box should appear beside any aid ready for your decision. If there is no drop-down box, you may have already accepted the aid, the aid is in estimated status, or you have outstanding requirements that prevent the aid from being accepted.

Email any questions regarding your financial aid to