Receiving Your Aid

There are federal regulations regarding the courses a student takes and federal aid eligibility. To be eligible for Title IV federal aid, count toward enrollment requirements for aid eligibility, and be included in the cost of attendance (budget) for financial aid:

  1. Courses must be required for the student’s degree completion. Courses for elective minors or concentrations may not be included.
  2. Courses must meet repeat coursework standards. Previously passed courses may only be repeated one time and be considered a “federal aid-eligible” course.

These requirements count toward federal aid programs, such as:

  • Federal PELL Grant
  • Federal TEACH Grant
  • Federal Loans (Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and PLUS)
  • Federal Perkins Loan
  • Federal Work Study
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

These requirements do not prevent the disbursement of:

  • PROMISE Scholarship ^^
  • Part-time PROMISE (last year of eligibility only)
  • Central (Institutional) Scholarships ^^
  • WV Higher Education Grant ^^
  • WV HEAPS Grant

Programs with ^^ above require full-time enrollment to disburse.

Courses not necessary for degree completion cannot be used in cost of attendance for financial aid purposes. As such, students may also see reduced aid due to the reduced budget.

Respond to the award offer:

Specific information relating to the various types of financial aid offered at WVU can be reviewed at our Types of Aid page. IMPORTANT: Some award types have additional requirements to be completed prior to aid disbursement. You must review the description of each aid type or contact our office with any questions you have.

Certain awards will be canceled if the student does not take action within 30 days (Federal Work Study, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal Perkins Loan). Sometimes these aid programs cannot be reinstated if canceled/declined.

You may respond to your financial aid offer electronically by accessing the financial information on your STAR account. The procedure to do this electronically is:

1) Go to
2) Click on “STAR Information System Login”
3) Enter your login credentials (WVU username and password)
4) Click on “Financial Aid”
5) Click on “Award”
6) Click on “Award by Aid Year”
7) Select the appropriate aid year
8) Click on “Accept Award Offer” tab