Revisions to a student’s financial aid package can occur for a number of reasons, but most frequently it is because you are receiving more financial aid than federal/state guidelines permit (over award).

An over award can be the result of receiving additional financial aid, such as scholarships, tuition waivers or other financial aid assistance after your original aid package was processed.

Some other reasons for financial aid revisions are:

  • Processing of review of financial hardship and verification
  • Changes in the enrollment during the add/drop period
  • Approved appeals (academic progress, budget or dependency)
  • Changes in residency status
  • Student requested changes

If adjustments were made to financial aid because of an over award and financial aid was already applied to your account, you may now owe a balance to the University and will be billed accordingly by the Office of Student Accounts.

If adjustments were made and you were offered additional financial aid, make sure that you have completed all necessary requirements and forms.

You can view your revised aid package using STAR at