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PROMISE D/F Repeat Policy

WVU has a D/F repeat policy for undergraduate students who have not received their initial bachelor's degree. If you earn a D or F in a course at WVU taken before you reach a cumulative total of 60 hours attempted, you are eligible to D/F repeat that course. 

You must meet with your academic advisor sometime during the semester in which you are repeating the course and complete the appropriate forms. You must repeat the course at WVU or one of the regional campuses, which include WVU Tech and Potomac State. 

You will only have one opportunity to improve your original grade. The new grade becomes the grade that counts, even if your performance is worse than when you were originally graded. When you have D/F repeated a course, the following happens:

  1. The original grade is disregarded for th e purpose of determining your GPA , hours passed, and hours e arned.  However, both the original and the repeat still count as attempted hours for Satisfactory Academic Progress sta ndards for financial aid eligibility.
  2. You will get credit hours for taking the course one time. If you D/F repeat a 3 credit hour course, you get 3 credit hours, not 6 credit hours.
  3. The original grade is not deleted from your permanent record.
  4. The second grade is entered on your transcript and marked repeat in the semester that you repeated the course.
  5. If you get a grade of F in a course for disciplinary reasons or for cheating, the grade is not eligible for change under the D/F repeat provisions. Such a failure is indicated on your permanent record by an *F and is calculated in your grade-point average.
  6. Any D/F repeated courses taken in the same academic PROMISE cycle may only be counted once as hours earned toward the minimum of 30 required.