Health Sciences Cost of Attendance

The Health Sciences Center Financial Aid Office, with the help of your respective department, determine average costs for attendance at West Virginia University. The budget includes an allowance for tuition and fees; room and board; books; transportation and personal; and miscellaneous educational expenses. Each year the WVU Health Sciences Center Financial Aid Office updates each component of the budget to reflect changes in the Consumer Price Index of the US Department of Labor and the local “marketplace”.

To view the 2016-2017 estimated budget for a full-time student, please choose the appropriate discipline below:

In some cases, we can build an individualized budget for a student or add additional educational expenses with supporting documentation. However, budgets are not adjusted for individual lifestyle choices. The following categories of expenses represent allowable adjustments that may be considered:

  1. Computer purchase – limited to a one-time computer purchase up to $1,500, unless your academic department requires all students to have additional hardware/software requirements for the major.
  2. Costs associated with a study abroad or cooperative education program.
  3. Expenses related to a disability which are not covered by other agencies
  4. Childcare expenses
  5. Independent student with dependent(s) other than a spouse.
  6. Required living expenses in excess of allowance allowed.
  7. Other documented education – related expenses

If you have expenses you feel are covered in one of these categories, please contact the Financial Aid Office and request to meet with a counselor to discuss the steps for submission of a budget review.