Non-Degree Students

Students considered “non-degree” are those not in a degree-seeking program. They must meet certain criteria to be eligible for limited Federal Direct Loans.

There two categories of non-degree students eligible for federal aid:

  • Students registered for courses that are necessary prerequisites for admission into a degree-seeking program. Note: These courses cannot be part of the degree program or intended to increase the student’s overall grade point average.
  • Students registered for courses required for state teacher certification or recertification. Note: Students receiving the certification from WVU and not the state are not eligible for federal financial aid.

The following non-degree students are not eligible for federal aid:

  • Students who are provisional admits taking courses which are considered part of degree requirements.
  • Students taking courses to increase overall GPA or test scores for admission into a degree-seeking program.
  • Students who received aid as a non-degree student during their allotted consecutive twelve month period.
  • Students receiving certification from WVU in addition to the state certification/recertification.
  • Students receiving teacher certification from the University and not the state.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Student must be enrolled in preparatory coursework REQUIRED for admission to a regular undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree program OR coursework needed for state teacher certification.
  • Student must be enrolled at least half-time. Half-time is defined as six or more hours per semester at an undergraduate level and four or more hours at a graduate level.
  • Only courses REQUIRED for admission to the degree program or state teacher certification may be considered when determining enrollment level and student aid eligibility.


Student must meet with a WVU academic official and complete the “Federal Financial Aid Application for Non-Degree Students” available under Forms.

Aid Eligibility

  • Aid eligibility is limited to Federal Direct Loans. Amounts vary based on student type.
Maximum Annual Federal Loan Eligibility by Non-Degree Student Type
Student Type Maximum Annual Direct Loan Eligibility *
Dependent Undergraduate $2,625 Subsidized/Unsubsidized and Parent PLUS Loan up to Cost of Attendance
Independent Undergraduate $2,625 Subsidized/Unsubsidized and $6,000 additional Unsubsidized
Graduate/Professional $5,500 Subsidized/Unsubsidized and $7,000 additional Unsubsidized (Student cannot apply for Graduate PLUS Loan as a non-degree student)
Note: Actual awarded loan amounts are based on financial need, eligibility, and other applicable limitations and are to be divided equally between Fall and Spring semesters
  • Loan eligibility is limited to a single consecutive 12-month period for students in preparatory coursework. This limitation does not apply to those seeking teacher certification/recertification.
  • Students will be monitored throughout the enrollment period to ensure they remain eligible.

Other Options to Fund Educational Expenses