Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial aid is money to be used in meeting expenses related to the completion of an educational program. The financial aid award is based on your individual financial need and eligibility, and may include various types of aid. This is your financial aid package. This package may include any combination of scholarships, grants, employment, and/or loans.

Eligible students meeting required deadlines are offered the maximum amount of aid available after considering external sources such as the Federal Pell Grant, State Grants and non WVU scholarships. Financial aid primarily comes in four basic forms:

  • Scholarships: Gift aid based on academic performance, talent, or achievement. Scholarships can be offered by WVU or by an outside source.
  • Grants: Gift money which you do not repay; usually requires financial need.
  • Student Employment: Money you can earn through a job during college.
  • Loans: Money that students and/or parents borrow for college expenses which must be repaid (usually after college).